Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat
Snakeer™ Bloody Mat

Snakeer™ Bloody Mat

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🔪Create A Terrifying Scene ANYWHERE with the SURREAL Blood Effect☠️

Scare your family and friends as they step on this Spooky COLOR CHANGING bath mat. The blood dripping effect of this mat makes your bathroom experience scary and creepy! It quickly changes when sprinkled with water. Watch the white mat turn into a complete horror film with bloodstains anywhere! Give your boyfriend or girlfriend the shock of their life as they leave a trail of bloodstains out of the shower.


Turns Red when Wet 

Our Color Changing Bloody Bath Mat will definitely fit your needs! The mat turns red when you splash water on it! The surreal blood effect, instantly creates a terrifying scene. Unlike those pre-painted red mats, the blood-red color will begin to fade in a few minutes and eventually fades away. Completely returning the mat to white!



This thin plastic roll reacts with water, the color-changing effect turns the wet footprints into blood-red stains.


 The best part about this bloody bath mat is that when it dries, it returns to the original color of white. It works almost like invisible ink only the red appears first then disappears after the mat is dry.

Easy To Hide and Store

Invisible Thickness

Hideously thin. Using a fabric with styling memory, it’s full of possibilities – and it will even roll itself up. Can be hidden anywhere in the bathroom, such as a toilet seat or shower, for a better surprise. A very unique prank that you can hide almost anywhere. Around the shape of the object, memory. For example, bend the surrounding corners on the wall, or thick carpets, and flatten them.


Not only can you place in bathroom, but also living room, bedroom or kitchen, wherever you want! You can now scare the hell out of your friends, young adults, or even yourself!


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